Sunday, June 04, 2006

coffee & water

as I sit here early on a sunday morning, listening to nate try to talk his way out of his room, I am enjoying a completely amazing cup of coffee! I need to enjoy more of the small the 10 minutes in the morning where it is quiet, sunny and I am alone with my big mug. my legs and butt are SO sore from yesterday's walk...a good sore, but SORE!

I drank all my water yesterday - all 3L. I need to do that EVERY day! oh, and I stamped yesterday [finally got my new summer mini stamps mounted!]...even if I shamelessly CASE'ed a card in the mini!

yesterday was a very productive day [maybe that's why I am feeling good this morning]: I walked, shopped [groceries!], cleaned, susan came by [insert smile!], I went by evie's to drop stuff off for angela & to visit with her mom & dad AND got 2 cards done! this means today, I have no excuses. report cards need to be half done by the time I go to school tomorrow!

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Erica said...

I love this card! I saw it on splitcoast and added it to my favorites. Great job.