Saturday, April 29, 2006

another saturday...

do you ever feel like time just passes without stopping for a breather...ever? I feel like the weeks and the days just slip pass me...and I am not living each moment to the fullest. I do too much, I worry too much. too fast. without thinking. not living each moment. like a photographer capturing stills, moments in time, I want to capture all of it in mental pictures. if I could slow it all down, I could do it. I could live the sweet life. the life that takes time to just enjoy a coffee, read a book, savor a fine wine. I don't want days that are just like the rest, just another saturday. I want tomorrow to be extraordinary - how do I do that? I need to change how I view myself. I need to make me [my emotional, spiritual, physical self] a priority. I have reflected on this time and time again, but reflection is meaningless if it doesn't bring about change.

on another note, john is finally ready to join the frey - he stepped on a scale this weekend and is SO not loving what he saw. FINALLY I will have an ally in my journey [not like I've been flailing about all alone, but I have needed to get john on side]...I need his support in all of this. I easily succumb to his temptations of chocolate & ice cream, but no longer. as of today, we will be a formidable force!!

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting so openly in your blog! Please don't give up, and keep on posting...I know it helps.