Sunday, April 02, 2006

solitude pt 2

I am still last night. He talks about solitude and what it it is more than just aloneness, but coming face to face with ourselves and confronting ourselves. how we have 2 basic flaws - anger & greed and that these need to be confronted, overcome and destroyed if we are truly to be effective in ministry, life, relationship - especially our relationship with God. out of this solitude comes true compassion. once I finish this section, I am going to take a few days to ponder.

the whole sugar thing is going well - I am totally craving spicy now! I met some of the girls at Vi's yesterday [which was SUCH a nice time and we so totally need to do it more often!], and although I was hungry, I looked at the cakes and pies and not a lot looked appealing. then I got home and had a dream about cake!! LOL well, perfection is NOT achieved, there is progress.

since I've been so contemplative as of late, I will be sharing some of these things in the songs I've picked for church today...I hope I can share a part of me with some clarity.

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