Sunday, April 09, 2006

a quickie check in!

it's sunday. it's sunny. I bought some groceries for the week. I crossed over into no-mans-land of organic-earth loving laundry detergent. some influence erika & andrea are...ignorance was SOOOO bliss. [yeah, a touch of sarcasm there!] so, thinking of watching passion of the Christ on good friday...who's gonna come watch it with me??? huh? anyone? anyone???


erika said...

just watched it.....don't think i can watch it again. it's exhausting!!! btw....good for you being earth friendly!! we're to be good stewards of this beautiful planet!

susan santos said...

it's been shown at our church on Good Friday but I am not planning on going...unless the rest of the family is into it. Good on ya though.

susan santos said...

That should have "been" "being shown". Proof read Susan!!!