Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the day after the night before

well, back on track. I was so extreamly tired last night and ty wanted to be fed non-stop. could it be a result of his feeding strike? oh yeah, big time. he is not taking the cup at all from shirley...he will eat food, but drink? heck no. he saves it for the evenings and then it is NON-STOP! grrr. a little frustrating. I really hope that it settles down sooner than later.

big news for nate tho - he pooped on the toilet last night. first time ever at home [rumour has it that he has done it at grandma's house, but who knows for sure??]. tonight, after supper, I think I will take nate for a walk...the weather has been so nice and that will get us outside for a bit.

I am also going to spend some time reading my book before bed. I don't have to be quite so organized for tomorrow morning, since I do the "getting ready" and the driving. I need a few minutes alone. I also would like to get some of my stamps mounted. my free SAB sets are sitting there are lonely. how sad.

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