Friday, April 14, 2006

size 14's, diet coke, chili, 5k & church

k, so the title sums it up.

I went to old navy the other night and my butt fits into size 14 jeans. okay, before you all start getting excited, they were stretch & my post-pregnancy jelly-belly was hanging over the although they fit, they don't quite look attractive. I didn't buy them, but I have some coupons so I might go in the next few weeks...then maybe they will both fit & look attractive!

I discovered black cherry vanilla diet coke this weekend. I have never been a diet soda lover, but I miss pop. this I can handle.

I made a batch of chili tonight - meatless & full of yummy flavor! it's a 2 pepper chili!

my mom & I walked 5k this morning. my legs are KILLING me, but that's okay - my first 5k under my belt...tomorrow I will try for the same, only alone on the treadmill.

so I went to beulah for their good friday service this afternoon. as blah as I find beulah, it was an okay service...k, let me rephrase: the singing was good! I am glad I went, blah or not; it was a good opportunity to reflect on the day and the meaning of the holiday [I am so anti-bunny, I thought this week might just do me in!].

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