Saturday, April 08, 2006

early on a saturday morning

well, surprise, surprise, ty was up at 7 this morning...ready to face the world. too bad no one else was really interested in getting up with him. yeah. so here I sit, ty on my lap [he's eating some puffs!], realizing that my first saturday morning is not going to be spent in bed. grrr.

so I am in contemplation about some modifications. I totally succeeded in doing one week with no sugar. then this past week, all good things fell apart as my life spun into chaos. anyone who knows me knows how I feel about chaos. not a happy thing. I realize that I've gotten through the hardest week...that it is just going to get easier, more organized, not so chaotic, but in the meantime, I need to set myself up for success. how can I do that and reach my goals? well, the main motto of my week has been "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail." for the most part this is true. I need a better plan.

no sugar? a great ideal - practically speaking, not too sure if I can maintain it right now. so here is the NEW plan!
  • no soda
  • no chocolate bars of any kind, even the 100 calorie kind!
  • no cake, donuts or other commercially baked goods...especially if they are the ooey, gooey Tim Horton's caramel kind
  • no fructose-glucose
  • if I choose to have a sweet treat, it needs to be homemade, within my calorie range or not one of the things listed above.

for example - my low fat puddings are okay, a caramel donut is not. a homemade pumpkin muffin is okay, a store bought one is not. a piece or two of dutch licorice is okay, a kitkat is not. although I am not going to go entirely without sugar, hopefully this gives me a bit of wiggle room so that I am being responsible in my food choices. I don't want to have another binge thursday where I eat one cookie and all hell breaks loose. not a good thing.

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