Saturday, March 03, 2007

damn the cough!


well, cough or not, we did almost 9k this morning. I was commenting to my mom & joy that I really am amazed at how far my fitness level has increased. last year at this time, I couldn't even walk 3k without thinking I was going to die. the weight loss may be slower than I'd like, but I am liking how strong my heart is becoming.

I had big plans to head downstairs tonight and stamp...but I'm not too sure I can conger up the energy. I might just take my meds [gotta love the buckleys...the pills, NOT the liquid!] and curl up with the natester & my wee a podcast I'd like to finish listening to!

maybe tomorrow I will have erika's package ready to hit the mail, and a start on john's mom's birthday present! oh, and I need to get my oil changed tomorrow on the wave...someone remind me, please?

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