Friday, March 16, 2007

so tired

what a week. to be honest, I don't even know where it went...wasn't it monday just yesterday?

pampered chef show monday night
in bed early tuesday night [I think. seriously, I can't remember. if you know where I was tuesday night, let me know! and don't be offended if I was with you...]
45 minute walk & soccer for john wednesday night
open house & drinks with colleagues thursday night
home and exhausted friday night [and trying to get some swaps done for tomorrow!]
and tomorrow looks like this:
9am - walking class & walk [8km]
1pm - millet meeting for su! [keeping in mind that millet is 45 minutes away]
6pm - date with my husband

and I wonder why I can hardly keep my eyes open. yeah. and I wonder why it's so hard to keep my eating on track. other than a few stray cookies today, I've stuck to it. yesterday however, was a whole other story. good reason to walk tomorrow and burn the calories!!

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