Monday, March 05, 2007

the oreo phenomenon

okay, so most of you that read my blog regularly know that I often sabotage myself - usually unintentionally, but I do nonetheless. I'll pause here and talk about intent: I say that I am unintentional, but lets be honest. nothing is truly unintentional. I forget. I get my period. I really FEEL like it. I choose to dishonour my body. regardless of all the reasons, I am a self-saboteur. I suppose I could get into all the reasons why...but that would take some emotional energy - energy that I just don't have today.

well, today I have turned the corner. the oreo phenomenon no longer controls me. I control it.

let me explain. can you eat just one oreo? nope. no one really can. it's like one potato chip. one piece of popcorn. impossible. this is the oreo phenomenon. the "you can't just eat one".

well, as of tonight, I control it. I ate 2 oreos [of the low-fat, low-cal, only 2 pts variety] and JUST 2 oreos. the bag is closed. gone. done. now, please don't argue with me that I really didn't beat it because I actually ate 2, not's the principle of the matter.

tomorrow is week 2 weigh in day. do I dare hope that I've lost another 4 pounds? yeah, I need to be more realistic. I am happy, however, with how well I have been staying on track for the last while. lots of positives here, regardless of the number on the scale.

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