Friday, March 30, 2007

fab 5 friday!

I've been thinking today of things I can list...and I had a bit of a stroll down memory lane this afternoon as I was pulling pictures for a school project [I am going to get the kids to create a I need to make one of my own life!

SO, I've decided to list the 5 most monumental moments of my life!

1. meeting john - and all the great moments that came & still come with that [like dating, marrying, and all the stuff in between!]

2. having kids - I cannot put one in front of the other, but really birthing children is a pretty monumental thing. being their mother after their birth, even more so!

3. going to europe - the last time I saw my cousin before she died, the last time I visited yves, climbing mountains, hangin' with cor for the many things, so many great places & times. hard to believe that was 5 years ago that we were planning & saving for the trip!

4. graduations - high school, my ba, the big ed degree...I love the formality of it all, the rituals, the costumes! good times and great moments.

5. roommates - this one isn't just a moment, but a bunch of moments that have hugely impacted my life...and when I look back, I really wouldn't change living with any of these people: evie, rachel, greg & andrea, troy [& chad & ryan!], bill, shonnette & susan, coralee, marcy & madison. things were not perfect all the time, but I learned things about myself along the way...and that I would never change.

feel free, as always, to make you own list to share on my blog or on your own!

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