Tuesday, March 27, 2007

who watches cbc, anyways??

yeah, not me. I can prove my "canadian-ness" by naming at least 3 shows on the cbc [hockey night in canada, the news & the winter olympics...well, at least the last ones], but do I ever watch that ol' channel 4? nope. not since the days of quality canadian programming...the days of mr. dressup, the friendly giant & the ORIGINAL anne of green gables...with megan follows, the FIRST time it was on, have I watched the cbc! oh, and I lied, when I am home with the boys, we do watch kids cbc in the morning...curious george, tractor tom, lunar jim...and ALWAYS drawing the line at the doodle bops. but I have digressed.

tonight I was channel surfing when I stopped because I recognized the man on tv. paul franklin. yup, he was on the hour [with george stroumboulopoulos]. although I don't want to say too much for privacy issues, I know his wife. and I have never heard his story. until now. the link to the interview is here. and more info/stuff here.

although I have always prided myself in remaining fairly politically insignificant, I find myself having great pride in my country and more directly, the soldiers of my country. do I agree with our role in afganistan? not too sure. do all people do the right thing all of the time? nope. do I believe that our troops need our support? absolutely. like I said, in light of being a true canadian, I am a rather conservative-liberal. not a lover of stephen OR stephane. but, I do love the canadian process, I want a reformed parliament & senate. and really, I love my country. but let's be honest. people are idiots. politicians, being people, fall hard into that category. but, when I hear paul talk about the afgan people and their want for help, I can't help but think that we, as canadians, are not getting the whole story. this is not new, however, it makes me think. I think that I need to spend more time caring about my world. my neighbour. my country. our global village is an unhappy place - what can I do? not sure. but I am going to think on this for a while.

sorry, this is a bit jumbled, as many of my thoughts can be. any thoughts of your own, please feel free to share.

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