Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I surprise myself

thought it might just be a 1 pound week. turns out, it was a 3 pound week. YEAH ME!! do I dare say that I am starting to figure this all out? was taking care of my soul really the key? [dumb question, of course it was!] 2 more pounds until I reach my pre-spring break goal. also 2 more pounds until I reach the lowest I've EVER been in my adult life. ooohhhh...scary. hey, if I just continue tackling this beast 5 or 10 pounds at a time, I can do it. for life.

did I tell y'all that we are going to walk the half marathon again this summer? yeah. am I crazy?? yup! will it be so much better if I am 25 pounds lighter? FOR SURE. can I do it? you'd better believe it, dudes. the change is a-comin' and I am NOT going to hit 35 looking like I did hitting 34 [I just re-read this: the change being me changing the shape of my body, not THE change...the hot-flash-whisker-growing change!!]. k, re-reading again. I scare myself. I think I've talked about it before, but I don't know myself as a smaller version of me. what is that person like? GRRRR! this is where I need a swift kick in the brain. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE ME! size has nothing to do with it. I just get so intimidated by the thought of it all and subsequently sabotage myself. YEAH, NOT THIS TIME! lol. all the negative self talk ends right here. I will not be my own worst enemy. I will NOT wreck this for me. this is a good, strong, healthy body that needs my love and respect, not nastiness.

no way, jose! we're doing this and we're doing this for real.

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susan santos said...

Why is that I post comments & they never show up?! Dang!

Way to go Cor! I am proud of you! WE can do this!