Monday, March 12, 2007

things I am thankful for

I've been feeling a bit off for the last few days...if it were my kids, I would just say they were cranky. well, that's how I feel. cranky. the time change. the car sized potholes. the wind. less than 2 weeks until spring break. CRANKY!!! seriously, I just need to scream out loud. sorta like nate did for about half an hour this afternoon. screamed so hard that he decided peeing his pants was the only way to fix things. oh to be 3 again!

and my belly hurts. the last couple of days have not been great eating days. mind you, they haven't been awful, but I've had some sweet treats, treats that hurt my belly. you'd think I'd learn. tomorrow is weigh-in day. do I dare hope for more than one measly pound? do I deserve more than one measly plan, considering the great [hint of sarcasm!] choices I've made? yeah. good thing spring break is still a week and a half away. trying really hard to hit that 10lbs by then! mmmm. this is my usual spot where I just give up. NOT THIS TIME! the cranky ain't gonna derail this train, dude!

okay, about the things I am thankful for:
1. my kids. john. all is well when they are well.
2. my job.
3. my friends.
4. my healthier body & heart [much better off than last year at this time].
5. that not every show on tv this week is a rerun [boy do I love 24!].
yeah, lots of good things!

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