Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had this big, elaborate post in mind as I was soaking in the bathtub an hour ago.  got out of the bath and promptly forgot.  typical.  but hey, I was able to take a few minutes with some bubbles, my iPod and some candles and just block out the world for a bit.  and I don't bath.  oh, don't go there.  I am a shower girl, not a bath girl.  just can't shower in the dark with a candle and my iPhone/earphones.  I needed to tune out.  and I did.  I kinda realized today that report cards are due next week.  oh, that's right.  I'm the damn principal next week so mine had better be done sooner than later.  SHEESH.  next week is going to be a gong show of crazy.  I am gearing up.

okay, still can't remember.  so instead of fretting about it, I'm going to just sign off and go to bed.  good night!!

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