Sunday, February 13, 2011

the suburbs

well, it's the first night on nights.  and I think that I need to work on getting the kids to bed a bit earlier.  I really don't want them in bed with me tonight!  and it's my fault, really, for making them watch the grammys with me tonight.  and they have a thing about being upstairs without an adult, which is going to have to change, considering there are lunches that need to be made and dishes that need to be cleaned up on a nightly basis.

oh, and I made some valentines things for the kids today - these are all for the kids in their classes...

 {I love the red glitter paper!}

 {and these are treat bags I made for all the boys...}

{ty...and monkey}

ty had a hard time sleeping last night, so he was downstairs with me on the couch and he thought this picture was super hilarious.  I had to agree.  

I am watching muse play "uprising" for the second time tonight.  had to explain to ty why matt bellamy plays a double necked guitar and why the bass was without a head.  good times.  sigh.  and tomorrow is pajama day at school.  yippie!  I get to go to school in my pj's!

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