Sunday, February 20, 2011


I played with my new iPhone camera app - camera+  although the 6x zoom is not spectacular {super grainy!}, the editing features are SUPER cool.  I tried a ton today while ty and I were having coffee together.  so many options - special effects, retro effects, cropping, light, boarder and colour features.  for $.99 it's the best camera option I've bought since the hipstimatic.

 {my bedside table}

 {I cropped out some accidental cleavage!!}

 {the vintage boarder, perhaps?  I don't remember!}

 {my water bottle}

 {enjoying his rice krispy treat}

 {and hot chocolate...}

 {I love that face!}

 {his hot chocolate}

{love the look he's giving me!!}

what do you think?  I have no idea what combinations I used, but I sure had fun playing with the pictures!  and even more fun going for coffee/hot chocolate with the big t!

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