Saturday, February 05, 2011

time warp

it's been a lovely saturday.  in fact, I'd say that the last 24 hours has been quite lovely, considering the chaos that is going to strike on monday morning!

1.  hair cut & coloured [last night]
2.  a stop at the mall
3.  home to a quiet house
4.  tv, wine & nachos with the hottie husband
5.  sleep
6.  sleep with no small children at any time in the night
7.  sleeping in
8.  breakfast & coffee
9.  hot shower
10.  back to the mall to return last night's purchase
11.  late lunch with a friend
12.  a stop for bread and lego [haven't seen the kids since thursday night, thought I may come home with a wee treat]
13.  the hottie husband said that I could stop at starbucks before going home to the small children.  I just need to bring home a hot chocolate.

sometimes I need to carve out some time for myself - or with just john and I - so that I can rejuvenate my spirit and reclaim the energy needed to be a better mom.  I struggle with feeling a bit guilty that I am choosing me over my kids [okay, I'm not really, but you know what I mean], but I know that when john starts work on monday morning that those four days of a twelve hour shift are going to be a bit hellish.  I will need to be on my game.  refreshed.  and the gift of the last 24 hours of alone time are going to be what gets me through.  and I'm grateful for all of it.  the impending chaos.  and the current silence.

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