Saturday, February 19, 2011

number with no name

I need me some ben harper.  if I wasn't sitting here in silence, waiting for small children to fall asleep {don't get me started!}, I'd be playin' me some ben.  or newer yet, some fistful of mercy.  where are my earphones!!!!  alas, not here.  and I don't really want to move!

it was a lazy, lazy day.  I had some lunch with my mom & sister, then ran some errands, but other than that we just hung out and got a bunch of stuff deleted off of the pvr.  for some reason, john starts to have a little panic when it goes over 50%.  okay, I can't blame him.  it's usually a matter of just catching up.  and what better time to do that than today.  the day I should have been working on report cards.  yep.  it's that time of year again.  and once again I have procrastinated.  shocking, I know.

don't you love it when I don't have anything to blog about?  no really.  my head is full of so much other stuff that I can't seem to get anything meaningful or coherent out of my mouth {or fingers}.  I did get a new photo app for my phone today.  I'll play with it tomorrow and let you know all the deets.  and I'll post some pics.  maybe we'll call it an app review.  aha!  {'cause no, I don't have a book to review for february yet...and focus - by mike schmoker and my next read - isn't going to cause any of you to rush to the education reform section of your local bookstores.}  gonna stop.  I'm not making sense anymore!!


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