Tuesday, February 08, 2011


not liking this much.  I know I'll get over myself sooner than later, I am just not loving the almost two hours I'm spending on the road everyday.  75 minutes this morning.  I know it's only four days this week, but HOLY ADJUSTMENT, BATMAN!!!  I know I won't be complaining as loudly once we see a paycheque, but please, give me one more day to complain.  then I'll stop.  I promise.  and to deal with the crazy, I bought and ate a big mac.  and sadly, I didn't even like it.  okay, I liked it just a tiny little bit!!  my stomach will pay me back tonight.  it does not like it when I eat the cow.  

enough complaining.  gonna throw a load of laundry in...I'll feel so much more productive!!

how's your week been?

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Frances said...

I feel your pain. That was my commute in BC whenever Jason was out of town. You will eventually get into the rhythm of it (not to say it will ever be enjoyable though)

Week has been bearable, thanks for asking....