Saturday, February 26, 2011

take a minute

so today was some fun times {and no, I'm not being sarcastic}.  I decided this week that I wanted to give weight watchers another go.  a for-real, serious, one-year-committment kind of go.  this morning, the boys and I braved the snow and showed up.  and it's probably a good thing that the whole program has changed, because I can't just wing it.  I need to be in whole heartedly.  the piece of the puzzle that I am always missing is the accountability piece - getting on the scale in front of someone and just owning my stuff.  the other part is the rah-rah part of the meetings.  I feel motivated when I hear people share their stories.  one girl today was over 50lbs down.  that's encouraging.  I need the meetings.  knowing this was my plan, I looked at everything with clean eating in mind.  I can follow the premises of the eat clean diet with the things that I need - tracking, accountability and motivation.

after weight watchers we went and did some errands - chapters, red robins, gas station, and the drugstore!  we were killing time before the birthday party that the boys had this afternoon.  I like that I know their friends and the parents of their friends well enough so I can drop my kids and spend two hours doing stuff without them!

and that takes me to the next big thing...I picked up my race package.  yes, you heard me right.  I am suppose to be walking a half marathon tomorrow morning in this nasty weather.  grrr.  today was snowy and cold.  tomorrow is suppose to just be cold.  like -22 {damn wind chill}.  anyways, lisa and I are not taking this walk too seriously, considering my training has been slim to none.  and more like none.  so I'd like to complete 10k.  and then register for a few more 10k races this spring.  so we'll see how it goes!

and john just walked in the door after a 12 hr shift.  and I am contemplating going to bed.  big ol' headache.  ha!

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