Monday, March 14, 2011

the band played waltzing matilda

happy monday!  and really it was.  okay, maybe not happy, but it was good.  the time change this weekend has sent the kids for a loop.  and last night, small boys were still awake at 11pm.  yeah.  getting the kids up this morning was HELL.  so tired.  this too will pass, right?

as tired as we all are, the thaw has arrived.  it's been a long, cold winter and spring cannot come fast enough.  so, with the sun shining and the snow thawing, the boys and I went out for dinner tonight.  I like going out with them, especially when they want japanese food!  as I eat sushi, they eat spring rolls.  yummo!  I wonder if I go to bed now, if I'll have the energy to get up early and make lunches tomorrow morning?  I am going to hit the clean eating hard this week - I need to purge these sugar cravings out of my system.  I feel groggy and icky.  and I don't like it.  sigh.  okay.  I'm getting up.  for real this time.

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