Saturday, March 05, 2011

wait for you

it's been a week.  I've been fighting a cold, recouping from last week's chaos and sick kid business, and having fun with John working nights!  on a work front, it was teachers convention this week.  two days out of the classroom where we get to go to sessions and get caught up with our peers.  typically I really enjoy convention.  this year I wasn't so happy with the choices for sessions, so we went to see a bunch of the keynote speakers.  keynotes are a safe bet.  lol.  and I always walk away feeling reenergized.  it was good.  I took this picture on friday morning as I was waiting for my session to start!

and then last night {and I'm going again tonight!}, I was working in the cash cage at a local casino.  our school gets to have a casino every two years and it raises a ton of money for our school.  I volunteered two years ago and again this weekend.  it's a ton of fun, but the hours SUCK!  like 615 pm to 215 am.  good, good times.  anyways, I'm exhausted this morning {see exhibit c below!!}  yes, that's me at weight watchers this morning with my coffee and tired eyes.  but I was down .8 this morning and all things considered {like eating casino food at 11 pm last night}, I'm okay with that.

and then I came home and made a super healthy veggie/egg white omelet.  5 points of healthy happiness.  spinach, peppers, canadian bacon with a bit of low fat mozza.  mmmmm.

it may be time for a nap.  4.5 hours just isn't going to be enough today.  ha!

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