Saturday, March 12, 2011

a pair of brown eyes

so I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday.  it's been an outrageously busy week.  last night john & I attended a third of a marriage retreat at our church.  the part we were there for was good, but I wish we could have gone today as well.  oh well.  he's on days and nate had a soccer tournament.  ty's been at galaxyland with one of his little buddies all day, so nate & I were on our own.  his team lost both games, but nate played hard.  and well.  and yes, I am a wee bit biased!  since we were out south for soccer, we decided to go to ikea for lunch.  just the two of us.  good times!  he's a good date!

{nate getting his medal after the game}

{pushing the tray cart thingy}

{swedish treats}

so, lent.  well the dairy thing is driving me nuts already.  I need to be a bit more vigilant about what is INSIDE things {like the above swedish treat...cream filled} and cream in my coffee.  grrr.  just wasn't thinking.  and the booze thing?  well no one thinks I can do it.  HA!  you bet I can.  and john and I decided on one more thing to "give up".  we decided on wednesday to put away all of our credit cards.  to live without them in our pockets.  debt is no fun.  credit card debt is even less fun.  although we generally keep to a budget and try to save, it seems like we always "need" something, when truly it's a want issue, not a need issue.  so for the next 40 days we are going without.  I am incredibly grateful that john was as committed as I was to this idea.  so as a result I walked out of ikea with curtains and a curtain rod, a bath mat and a frame.  and I stayed in my "what I can afford" range vs. my "what I want" range.

tomorrow we celebrate ash sunday {our take on ash wednesday}.  my focus will be on death to self.  to my desires.  my wants.  christ suffered and died for me.  the least I can do during this season is to honour him the best I can - to be in remembrance.  and in gratitude.  the grace I've received {and continue to receive} came at a cost.  I am sobered when I reflect upon what forgiveness for my sin cost.  I am so incredibly grateful for that grace.  I shall not forget.

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