Sunday, March 06, 2011

waking the dead

so I survived two nights of casino fun.  it was a lot of fun.  this morning, however, it was hard getting out of bed!  so this afternoon I took a nap {I will totally be regretting that in about an hour!} and while I was napping apparently the boys decided to pull out some lego.  these are sets that they got for christmas.  nate is super methodical with his building.  he pulls out only what he needs and goes step by step.  ty rips the instruction book apart, spreads out all pieces and just goes, not really following the order {and I had to help him with the last few bits}.  in both cases, the boys ended up making some fun stuff.  and they were quiet.  sweet bliss!

so I've been thinking about lent.  ash wednesday is this week and the celebration of lent is something that has become more and more a part of my yearly remembrances.  christmas is always celebratory, but easter is more somber.  I spent the christmas season in reflection on joy.  and I spent a considerable amount of time during advent focused on something very specific.  something that redirected my focus during a busy, busy time.  I need to do something similar during lent.

there are actually three parts to lent - fasting, praying and giving.  this year my fasting portion will be in the giving up of dairy products.  I did something similar last year and I am going to give it another go.  last year I also gave up meat and out of that I have continued to not eat beef.  dairy gives my belly a hard time.  so that one is a no brainer.  I am also feeling like I should give up alcohol as well.  the fact that I don't want to makes me think that I really need to.  no diary, no booze.

in the prayer department, I am going to commit to daily blogging.  blogging with a focus on gratitude.  I sometimes feel like I can be a really negative, complaining person.  I want to spend this time in reflection on things that I am grateful for.

and for the giving portion, well I have no idea.  okay, I have a bit of an idea.  and it involves some purging.  getting rid of some stuff that isn't needed any longer.  and I think I'm going to get the boys to help me.

so, that's the plan.  keep me accountable, okay?  and if you want to join me on this lenten adventure, leave me a comment.  if your a blogger or not, it doesn't matter.  I just know that it's easier to do these things within community.

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