Thursday, March 31, 2011

winter winds

{totally poached this from a different site...but it kinda spoke to me this morning}

I did not go to bikram yesterday.  nor will I go today.  I have had a persistent headache that is rearing it's ugly head again this morning.  I am going to blame my kids for this morning's fun.  ha!  I am planning to go on friday and saturday.  because tonight I am going change the bed time routine just a bit.  and take them to my school this afternoon to play floor hockey for hours.  that should wear them out.  I hope!

anyways, we're home this morning for some lazy, coffee-drinking {me!}, tv watching {them}, pyjama wearing {all of us} good times.  ty has a blanky tied to his neck and he's metro man.  the lack of sleep around here is going to quickly disintegrate into some brother fighting very soon.  the signs are all there. oh it's going to be a long, long day!  it's a good thing I made an entire pot of coffee...

in other news {okay, that's over stating it!}, my kids have been totally into making smoothies as of late.  the blender is living on my counter.  chocolate banana, super strawberry, creamcicle...lots of fruit, yogurt and milk.  and they are addicted!  every morning for breakfast.  I like that my kids love fruits and veggies as much as they do.  and last night I roasted chickpeas.  those were a big hit too!  healthy eating can be fun.  and yummy.  lets not talk about how I have a package of hotdogs defrosting on my counter for lunch today!!!

have a happy thursday.

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