Tuesday, March 15, 2011

you make me feel like a natural woman

I'm livin' on the edge.  trying something new.  out of my comfort zone.  hehehe!
{a tall espresso con panna}

two shots of espresso with a dollop of whipping cream on top.  kinda yummy.  and not too sweet, considering I drink most of my coffee black.  I would do it again.  maybe not so wise having a double espresso at 8:00 at night, but hey.  there's some tv I need to get caught up on!

and today's bit of gratefulness is not a quite trip to starbucks by myself {although I am enjoying the quiet!}, but my job.  I know I often mention it as something I am grateful for, but it's not even about having work {although I am grateful for that too!}.  it's really about getting up every morning and loving where I work and what I get to do each day.  I enjoy the company of the people I work with.  in fact, I love working with them.  teaching is a hard job.  too hard to do alone.  I get to do it daily with great people {read that sentence in context people...NOT by itself!!}.  I know I am fortunate.  and I am grateful.  in addition, I teach some pretty great kids.  they are not always wonderful, but sometimes they show, in their little jr. high way, their potential to be great people.  like my one girl who can totally push my buttons and generally drives me CRAZY - she showed up with coffee for me last monday morning.  and another kid, totally owing his mistakes today and taking his consequences like a man.  and another little elementary kid who decided not to get all defiant with me today, but gave me a moment to explain how his whole week wasn't wrecked by one bad choice {does my picture make any sense??}

{and so proud of our boys basketball team for winning bronze today in their playoff game}

{and glad that john brought the boys to come and watch}

although a lot of the reflection in lent is about dying to self, I am remembering that I am blessed.  I am trying to change my focus so that it's not so "me" centred.  and that's REALLY difficult to do.  I am selfish.  I am "all about me".  trust is hard for me.  yet, in these days of lent, I am feeling the pull to trust. the necessity to take my eyes off of myself.  and focus on the cross.  and the death-love-pain-grace that it represents.  this is not easy.  but I guess good things are not.

not too sure if I mentioned the other day that I'm taking dairy off the lent list.  but I am.  but I feel like it needs to be replaced.  so I am adding candy to the list.  I am having problems getting my system off sugar, and candy is not clean.  or weight watchers friendly.  or necessary for existence on most days.  so although almost a week late and way too overdue, candy is in the "forbidden" list.  as of now.  {it's suppose to be a bit painful, right??}

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