Tuesday, March 08, 2011

walking in memphis

I am having my last glass of wine for the next 40 days.  tomorrow it begins.  and right now I have a "bring it on" attitude.  mainly because I am drinking wine and eating lots and lots of cheese!  and sour cream.  all things dairy!

and in other news, my beloved starbucks revealed their new logo.  my first day with the cup.  I like.  I like it better in real life than I did when I saw it on the internet months ago.  and they have new food.  new little food.

like these little cake pop things that are lovely and little and happy.  this one was rocky road cake.  and yes, I had it first thing this morning.  for breakfast.

and there's no good tv on tonight.  so I rented a movie.  love and other drugs.  kinda slow, but kinda lovely.  so far.

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