Friday, March 18, 2011

london girl

I wish I knew of a song title that would express the crap that was my day.  maybe f*** you by cee lo green would actually be the most appropriate.  normally I have good rebound when crap happens.  not today.  it started with me dumping a third of my scalding-hot-not-even-ten-minutes-old americano down the front of myself.  yeah.  I cried.  and was glad I was wearing a dress with jeans.  the dress went into the dryer at school after I rinsed it out.  and I wore my wet, cold jeans which probably saved my legs.  I have one little burn mark/blistery thing on the top of my leg, but other than just some ongoing general stinging, I survived.  but that was the start.  and I never really recovered.  I lost my mojo before I even entered the building.

by the time I got home, I was done with people.  and I had a mere 45 minutes before john had to leave [he's on nights, which plays a big part in my inability to deal], so I put my pjs on and crawled into bed.  alone.  silence.  just me.  quiet.  sigh.  thank goodness the boys are fairly happy.  I promised a camp-out tonight, so they have their blankies in hand and are watching a movie upstairs.  and there are potato chips.  which has bought me a bit of time to clean up the lego fest downstairs, clean my kitchen and watch some mommy tv.  ace of cake re-runs.

I don't know if I've ever been THIS ready for spring break.

and in the grateful department?  well I am grateful that john and I have been together for 11 years.  totally crazy, eh?  yeah.  yesterday [also known as st patrick's day!] was the anniversary of when john and I started dating.  and yes, there is a story there.  and no, it's not one I have the energy to tell tonight.  I am kinda sad that I didn't really get to see him yesterday, but that's okay too.  when all is said and done, I am very grateful for making it 11 years.  it's never easy living with me, but he's managed almost 8 years of that.  the man deserves a medal!!

{although this cup of coffee messed with my day, the note on it made me happy!}

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