Sunday, March 20, 2011

comfortably numb

{my view from behind the computer this at 9am!}

1.  once a month or so I get to play the piano on a sunday morning.  and then once a month or so I run all the media for the service.  today was media.  and this was rehearsal.  it was all good.

2.  we played 'comfortably numb' by pink floyd at the end of the service.  I had forgotten how good that album is.  and how much I like that song.

3.  dean preached on money.  this happens VERY rarely in our church.  bottom line, I was reminded of how many trust issues I have.  and how much I am working on this.  in all areas of my life.  {yes, the credit cards are still in lock-up...11 days and counting!}

4.  I read this blog post yesterday and cried.  it gave me hope.  and words to describe what I'm coming to believe about myself.  and the hope that I can change.  since I feel like I am back at the crime scene, dealing with the pathetic bandaid.  {I love that imagery}.  

5.  I did my workout dvd last night with the boys.  my legs HURT!!!

6.  I was down 2.6 yesterday at weight watchers.  much better than the 1 up from last week.  damn pms.

7.  and now I'm watching megamind with the boys.  and john is sleeping.  and the house is generally clean and generally quiet.  that soothes my soul on this cold, grey sunday.  sigh.

8.  and I'm out of stuff.  so I think I'll go prep for club tomorrow...



Kathy Schmidt said...

Way to go with the exercise!! Keep it up and maybe it will be another great week.

susan said...

I read that other blog...she has some valid points, this is what stuck out for me:

People can be very talented at creating a reality for everyone else to see, while they stay hidden behind the photoshopped version of themselves. They are hurting and many of them are so used to the pain, they don’t even notice it’s there.

Interesting...and totally hits home for me.

Way to go with being "down" this week with WW!!!

adventureswithbrenda said...

Love the view...I kinda miss it!