Saturday, May 28, 2011

country clutter

well, for a short work week it was sure long.  five days of work crammed into four isn't good in may.  that said, having a long weekend in may is good.  here in lies the paradox.  and on top of it, it was rainy and cold and grey most of the week.  ty's soccer got canceled on wednesday {it was only a practice} and nate's thursday game was cold and windy.  today, however, was lovely.

nate was up early and he came to weight watchers with me {down 1 this week}; we got home and the two we left there were still sound asleep!  once ty wandered out of bed, I took the boys to the downtown market.  it opened up last weekend, but we were away, so today was our first farmer's market of the season!  I got pasta, hummus, eggs, peppers, tomatoes...all yummy, locally grown/raised foods.  and fresh things inspire me to cook.  so I made a pasta salad with a bunch of the stuff I came home with.  totally delish!

and as the salad was doing its "flavour melding", I went for a walk.  the boys came along on their bikes.  6k and they did pretty good.  this new bike thing was good for them.  ty's old bike was so small that he had to work so hard to get any speed.  this new bike of his is just so much easier!  and he's happier.  which means I'm happier.

{having a hotdog at the market}

so I was feeling a bit discouraged this morning, only being down one pound this week.  my scale at home had me closer to down two pounds.  my scale is almost NEVER right, and I know that, but it's occasionally right which means that it always gives me hope!  grrr.  then I had a revelation {mainly because I wrote a bunch of information down in the front of my ww booklet}.  as of today, I am down twenty pounds from where I was when I started weight watchers in december of 2008.  and yes, I've been here before, but regardless, I am still down twenty.  when I look at it that way, I am pretty pleased with my one pound.  because I will always want one pound to be two and two to be three, but regardless of how long it takes me, I am still down twenty.  and twenty seems like a huge number!!  weight loss is 75% psychological.  at least mine is.  and that 75% often gets the better of me.  but today, I walked 6km in 60 minutes and I beat down that psycho {ha!} part of me!!

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