Friday, May 06, 2011

strange cup of tea

since I promised pictures {most of these match my last post!}

 {breakfast at timmys in the mall - the boys sat and watched skating}

{the pixies concert last sunday night} 

 {someone is SUPER excited about his first game!}

 {and he's kinda liking his practice on wednesday night too!}
it's just too bad that he's been sick ever since.  he ran a fever off and on for over 24 hours paired with a sore throat.  he stayed home with john on thursday {john's on nights right now!} and I stayed home today and took him to the doctor.  same gig as me, I think.  just a cold.  poor kid.  it didn't stop me from shipping him {and nate} off to grandma's house tonight.  john is in the middle of his nights rotation and both of us, due to the sick boy, are running on no sleep.  so off to grandma's they went!

and so I've decided that the gift of an empty house for 20 hours is the best mother's day gift ever.

{so this is my evening.  an excellent bottle of wine.  in a new tumbler.}

what are you up to tonight?

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