Monday, May 16, 2011

rock n' roll is free

okay, so the new ben harper album came down the pipes today.  sigh.  being on the hill last summer, watching him perform was totally in my top three concert experiences.  I have my brother to thank for my love of ben harper.  and this album makes me happy!

"...I don't even know myself, what it would take to know myself, I need to change, I don't know how, don't give up on me now" {don't give up on me now ~ ben harper}

so we walked 7km {that's 4.4 miles, mandy!!} yesterday.  face first into the wind for half of the loop.  brutal.  I had seriously told myself that I wouldn't complain about the weather once spring showed up and the sun started sharing the heat, but this wind and the hordes of swarming mosquitos is beginning to irritate me.  it's been an awful weather year.  we lived through 6 months of snow - big snow.  and now this.  I get tired of it.

and the no-sugar thing has been going fairly well.  I had a small piece of chocolate today - the 75% cocoa kind.  and I had two smoothies.  my morning smoothy of berries, greek yogurt, blueberry juice and protein powder is a standard right now, but this afternoon I got home from school and was so hungry, so I made myself a spinach-blueberry-coconut milk-pineapple smoothy.  it's a nasty colour {green+blue+yellow = icky!}, but it tastes really nice.  I need to buy some more pineapple...  I made ty a mango-orange creamsicle one tonight - I used coconut milk with regular milk - and he really liked it.  nate got his standard "funky monkey" - banana+chocolate milk!  my blender gets abused and beaten up with all the stuff I expect it to blend!!  needless to say, not limiting my "sugar-from-fruit" has really helped me make the transition to a cleaner and healthier eater.  some day I may limit my fruit, but for now, it's a way healthier choice than what I was making before.  and then there is my new love:  toast with apple butter.  I bought the organic stuff with nothing added and I tell ya, it's a great treat when I need a little something sweet.

I am not saying, by any means, that I have this thing mastered, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am in control of what I eat and not food being in control of me.  a step in the right direction...

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