Wednesday, May 11, 2011


let's start with some pictures...

{ty & john}
so the dr's office called and ty has strep throat.  he's been so out of sorts this week - super angry and super clingy.  well I guess I was kinda hyper-emotional too the week I was sick.  last night he was in bed on time {for him!} and then in our bed at around 1230.  this time I moved.  well this morning, this is the sight I walked into:  sound asleep, ty holding on to john's arm for dear life.  LOVE.

{hitting the pavement}
so you know how I said that I was going to do a half marathon this summer with my mom and my sister?  well, the training has begun!  I walked a total of 7.6 km on sunday, 4.5 km last night and  3.2 km tonight.  that is 15.4 km this week.  I need to complete 5.6 more to get my week's goal done.  new shoes and an iPod make all the difference.  the view of the sunset last night wasn't so bad either!

{the sunset}
I have HUGE motivational issues when it comes to training.  I hate training.  in the past I've solely relied on my mom and sister to be the driving force of my motivation.  we plan our weekend long walks together and they sorta keep my ass going.  well this time I am going to be my own motivation.  or I'm going to try to be.  the half marathon is 15 weeks away and there are some weight and health goals that I really want to accomplish by then.  I know that my motivation will wain, but until it does, I am going to follow the walking plan and get my kms in, come hell or high water {or shift work!}.

{nate in goal for his first shift of the night.  no action!}
I realized that I've posted some pictures of ty playing soccer - this one is of nate from tuesday night.  he played a good game!

{ty sat on my lap for most of it!}

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