Saturday, May 14, 2011

graveyard shift

downloaded the new sam roberts cd today.  I've listened to three songs and I liked all three.  this is a good sign!  I have a couple of friends who are HUGE sam roberts fans and although I like his stuff, I've never put him in the same category as my brandon flowers or the killers.  well this album may be turning me a bit.  and maybe, just maybe, he'll headline at folk fest this year.  that would be AMAZING.  oohhh, but mumford and sons would be cool too.  okay, well you get my drift.

so I completed 19 out of 21 of my required kms this week.  two short ain't bad for a first week back at it and a week of super wind.  and I was down 0.2 on the scale today.  yeah me.  sheesh.  I am only going to see the positive in this one and that's that I was down.  period.

nate rode his bike while I walked today - it was kinda fun trying to keep up with him.  I'd do that again!

 {he rode a head of me the whole time}

 {had to stop by the lake to look at the geese - that's what those are, right??}

{I took these from on top of the hill, just hoping they didn't charge for the boy!!}

good times in the 'hood!

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Anonymous said...

I need to look into that Sam Roberts stuff! :)