Sunday, May 22, 2011

spilling faith

well it's been an eventful long weekend - in a good way.  the boys and I took off on thursday night and headed two hours up north to the great metropolis of glendon, alberta.  home of the giant perogy and my friend coralee!  although my kids are city kids through and through, I do try to school them in all things rural on occasion.  heading out to the country is what I can do to help my kids not to be scared of bugs, dirt, tractors and wildlife!!  it was fun.  and good.  good to be away from my "needing to be cleaned house" and from laundry.  to sit in the hot sun and forget to wear sunscreen.  oh but the bugs.  I am COVERED in mosquito bites.  it actually looks like I have hives on my hands - and maybe I do; I'll be keeping an eye on them!

today we walked almost 9 km, as per our schedule.  I was off by 3.25 km this last week, but once again, I'm pretty impressed that I am hitting the pavement as much as I have been, considering my schedule.  yeah me!  didn't go to weight watchers this weekend, so there's no report in that department, but I just may have had a few "off" days.  it feels good to be back on track today!

how's your weekend been??

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mandy said...

Hey!!! Looks like you're having fun and I'm SO glad you're teaching your kids about country life. That's important. So we can all understand one another. or something like that. ;)