Monday, July 04, 2011

hard to handle

well, it's been a good first monday of summer vacation.  the boys and I have been on our own for the last four days, since john has been on days.  there've been movies and fast food at the mall, time with cousins and new friends on our street.  there have been late nights and even later mornings!  a good start to summer.

so I took the boys to my friend's cabin yesterday.  it's at a lake, just 45 minutes from town.  we were worried that it was going to pour, but the rain stayed away.  and the boys played for hours.  and we shared a bottle of wine and sat with our books.  it was chilly {considering how warm the rest of the weekend was}, but it still provided a well needed rest.

today we cleaned up and came into town to an on-slaught of appointments.  both boys needed their eyes checked.  and my suspicions were confirmed.  yet again, nate needed a new prescription.  and once again, it had nearly doubled in both eyes.  two summers ago, when he got his first pair he had around a -1 correction in both eyes.  last summer, he was at around a -2.5/-2.75.  today, he's at -4.5/-4.75.  the kid has totally inherited my bad vision.  when he sits in that chair, my entire childhood comes back to me - is it better or worse?  one or two?  sigh.  but in good news, ty's eyes are still the same - no need for glasses. yet.  we did get a really cute pair for nate today.  I am thankful that kids glasses are cute.  not like the atrocities I had to wear in the late 70s.

and then it was off to the dentist.  the only thing left on the appointment checklist is physicals.  I think I'll book them for the last week of august!

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