Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sam's town pt 2

so I want to preface this a bit.  I've been going back and re-reading my posts and like I said, these stories were not to be "on-the-edge-of-your-seat" page turners, but I'm hoping that they tell the story of what I learned.  because I needed the reminder that when you stop and listen, you learn about the character of others or just an insight into their lives.  that fascinates me.  the people who live on our planet all have a story to tell.  it's sometimes about just being there to listen and observe through the obvious.  this is what I learned.  and I hope that some of it is coming through.

for me, talking to strangers, is kinda about conquering my biggest social fears.  I am good with meeting people when I'm introduced and I'm good with introducing myself to people who have some sort of connection to myself - parents of students, other teachers sitting at my table during a pd session, new neighbours.  but I don't talk to strangers on the bus.  I don't talk to people on airplanes.  I don't make small talk with people in line.  I don't talk to strangers.  this is changing.  I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone.

all that said, on my last day in vegas, I had great plans to hid out in denny's, then go see a movie.  I had negotiated a later checkout and had about six hours to kill before my shuttle was taking me to the airport.  so on my way to denny's, I wandered around all the stores in ph {'cause there's ac!} and did a bit of shopping {found a GREAT dragonfly tank top in a tattoo store!}.  and then I scouted out the movie theatre so I'd know where I was going after I fed myself.  but next to denny's is hard rock cafe.  and I had won at the slots the night before, so I could afford to go a bit pricer than denny's so up I went!  they stopped me at the door to take my picture for some 40th anniversary thing {ha!} with a stringless guitar.

so the kindle and I sat down at the bar.  and then I met hugo, the bartender.  and because the place was empty, we sat and chatted for a long time.  I learned that he makes a good margarita.  and that he was teaching computer stuff in a university in mexico at the age of 22.  I learned that he moved to chicago and worked for apple.  and I got tips on how to buy good tequila.  and I learned that when the recession hit, apple asked him to take a pay cut that wasn't going to even pay the bills.  and that now, working two jobs in vegas, he's happier and making as much money as he was when he was working for apple.  I learned that two margaritas at 2pm is an okay thing when you're on vacation.  and I learned that it's okay to talk to strangers and not read my book.  because the things people want to talk about are sometimes more important.  and that spending 90 some odd minutes in a restaurant can make a difference in how I see the world.  I will go back to hard rock cafe the next time I am in vegas, because the food and people were just that memorable.  all that and hangover 2 wasn't as good as the first movie was!!

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