Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've discovered two new things this week.  #1 - travelling alone works for me.  #2 - I don't like whiskey on the rocks.

the first 24 hours were rough.  it's weird being alone when you're with people all day, every day.  and not just people, but people and kids that want your opinion, your emotional energy, your decision making skills, your guidance.  and let's be honest, I'm a talker.  SHOCKING!!  then, all of a sudden {and of your own doing!}, you're alone.  I made a new friend on the airplane - she lives in vegas and visits alberta for vacation!  but I didn't really have a meaningful conversation with anyone else for 24 hrs.  and honestly, I was feeling kinda sorry for myself, mainly because I was so out of my element.  and then I had a bit of an "eff this" moment.  I could wait for someone to talk to me, or I could go out there and meet some people and find out their stories.  so I did.  and this week, as I blog, I'm going to share some of those stories with you.  I met some incredible people.  and I met some duds.  and I had a few "holy small world, batman" moments.  so yes, travelling alone is refreshing.  as in, I feel refreshed.  and rested {even though I'm tired!}.

and the whiskey thing, well I ordered the wrong drink in the bar.  and drank it anyways.  really, I wanted an irish coffee and didn't order it correctly.  ended up with a shot of jamisons.  ICKY!!!  but I wasn't going to waste something I had spent money on, and look like an idiot in front of the bar tender.  lesson learned, right?  ha!

 {the fountains at the bellagio}

{I do enjoy staying at the flamingo ~ there's something so tacky about it!!}

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