Sunday, July 24, 2011

under the gun

so I was suppose to do a sexyback11 update on thursday, but I was a tad busy!  I did weigh in though, and I was down the two that I was up last week {or was that the week before???}  needless to say, I am back on track.  I didn't walk enough last week, mainly due to vacation prep, bad weather and deck building.  I know, excuses.  I hear ya.  needless to say, after 13+ hours in the car on friday with two small boys and my mom, I have been sleep walking for the last few days!  I am having a hard time catching up on my sleep.  that said, I did make it to the workout room this morning and I walked for 40 minutes; then I hopped in the pool with the boys and swam for 20 minutes or so.  tomorrow we have a 18k walk.  HOLY SHNIKERS!! so today we plotted out a flat 6k route along the lake that we'll head out and do tomorrow morning while the boys are in helicopter camp.

it's been hot here in southern bc and I am loving the heat and the wineries - we scoped an amazing bottle of rose/red {the sunset} at silver sage yesterday.  PHENOMENAL!  john flies in on wednesday...I can't wait!  {and then I'll have some time to blog and post some pictures!}

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