Thursday, July 28, 2011

love in an elevator

why, oh why, is areosmith stuck in my head.  like songs from high school?  well, I had my first "back-to-school" nightmare/dream this morning.  I HATE THOSE!  and they involved teaching music {which I have to do in the fall for the first time EVAH!}.  and I have learned that the way to combat the dreams is to plan.  plan.  plan.  so I woke up this morning planning a music curriculum for grades that I think I'm teaching!  and it involves a combination of reading music, rhythm and music appreciation.  and it's the music appreciation that I'm excited about.  starting with our current decade and working back...and introducing kids to madonna, kurt cobain, the beatles, mick jagger and the rolling stones and why steven tyler was on american idol.  this could be fun!  plus, I teach jr high drama, so I think I'm going to roll together a bit of a fine arts program that will not be so scary for me!  'cause if I'm having school dreams on july 27th, I'm a bit freaked out!

so I started this post at 6am, and here, at 11pm I am finally finishing it up {so there is absolutely NO flow with this at all!!}.  drove to kelowna and back today - dropped my mom off at the airport and picked john up.  the boys were so happy to see him!  and then we drove back {okay, I drove and john slept!} and then spent like 5 or 6 hours at the pool!  friends of ours are here with their kids until friday, so I suspect that it's going to be go, go, go for the next few days, heading into the august long weekend.

that all said, I have had some time to get my brain rolling in these last few days.  I have the start of a plan.  okay, more like a goal.  and it's starting to come from a place where I am thinking and cultivating my self-portrait.  long story.  needs it's own post.  and a link.  and some time to explain.  regardless, there is lots simmering in my little old head and I can't wait to have it sort itself into some kind of coherent thought that I can share with you.  in the next few days, I promise!

but for now, some lovely holiday pics {nate's been camera shy lately, so lots of ty!}:

 {just love this one!}

 {at church & state winery - I loved the decor of this place}

 {new shoes...grandma spoiled some little boys!}

 {handsome boys!}

 {my little fish}

{so happy to see daddy!}

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