Friday, July 15, 2011

neon tiger

I'm not a big fan of shows, but I love concerts.  and I enjoy music and I especially good music.  so I had decided ages ago to go to the gospel brunch at the house of blues in mandalay bay.  I've never been in vegas long enough {or on the correct days!} to be able to go.  seriously, it was amazing.

the music was incredible, with songs I knew and some that I've played {like "I go to the rock" from the preachers wife!}.  and the food was amazing.  southern food.  fried chicken.  biscuits and gravy.  yummo!

but I think that the best part was how they seat everyone.  it's random!  no seriously.  not that you can't sit with the people you come with, but like I was a single, so I got placed with a party of three. this way tables get filled up, I guess.  so I sat with a lady and her son and her friend from phoenix.  this lady {I'm going to call her china} has lived all over the world.  she works for the state department and was just coming off a stint in china.  her next stop was the netherlands.  and when the music started, she was there with me, clapping and singing, and just having church.  in vegas.  oh, but her son?  that boy had never experienced gospel like that.  he couldn't even clap on the two and four.  I think she was trying to school him.  kinda funny.  so the four of us shared a meal together, talked about weight watchers {'cause she was all over that}, and talked gospel music - the good stuff.  donny mcclurkin, kirk franklin, hezekiah walker.  and when the girl in the super sparkly dress sang an accappella rendition of amazing grace, we had a moment.  the kind that gives you chills.  it was a lovely way to spend a sunday morning in vegas.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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