Sunday, July 17, 2011

the world we live in

so I officially kicked ass in my 12k this morning.  {okay, and note here that the two pounds I was complaining about yesterday were missing today.  damn bloat.}  first, I rolled out of bed at 6am and I hit the pavement at 630.  I did two loops - an 8k loop, then a 4.5k, with a stop at home in the middle for a water and bathroom break.  but perhaps the thing I was most proud of was the fact that on my own, I held a 10 minute kilometre.  I SO want to finish this race in august with a time of 3:30.  I really do.  I feel stronger, fiercer and more on my game than I have ever before a race.  next week is 18k.  the boys and I will be in osoyoos with my mom, so she'll get my butt moving!

as far as the sugar thing went today?  a tiny {for real tiny!} piece of cake at my grandma's for her birthday and a mid-afternoon mini-sized blizzard at DQ.  not awful, not great.  room for improvement.  that said, I was more in control than I've been in a while.  it feels good!

I do have a few more vegas stories, but my brain has been lost between grocery shopping, trip planning and birthday parties {nate turns 8 in less than a week!!}.

 {walking, walking, walking!}

 {ty & I having fun!}

{I like him}

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