Tuesday, September 07, 2010

baby, I like it

sorry, some guy is singing on america's got talent - apparently this is the name of the song!  okay, and not just "some guy" but enrique iglesias!  totally off topic, before I even start!!

okay, so I still hurt from the stupid workout tape from sunday.  like sore knees, hams, quads.  grrr.  so because tomorrow is my running day and I want to be well enough to run, I've opted to NOT do the damn workout tape until thursday!  I did walk yesterday.  and avoided sugar.  and alcohol.  but today, I've hit one out of three and that's just because I haven't had a drink yet!  just kidding.  sorta.  I learned a tough lesson today.  I did not pack enough lunch today and resorted to the m&ms hiding in my drawer.  I was SOOOO hungry and I had nothing else.  and it has just rolled downhill from there.  sheesh.  I am totally still in my points, but a sad, sad beginning.  LOL

alas, the truth hurts sometimes.  but if I can choose different tomorrow, then it's all good.  right?

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