Saturday, September 25, 2010


so tonight we are catching up on all the tv we pvr'ed this week.  all the shows that we usually watch and a bunch of new ones.  good times.  csi was good.  criminal minds was damn good.  liked hawaii 5-0 as well.  and glee.  glee was sweet.  LOL.  I do love glee.

anyways, I was told this last week that I reminded someone of penelope garcia from criminal minds.  my response was "thanks for the complement" and the reaction was "maybe it wasn't a complement!"  I say it was.  she is one of my favorite characters on tv.  as in fictional tv characters!  LOL  I totally don't have her sense of style, nor do I have her computer smarts, but I am a girl-geek!  and dude, she gets to sweet talk agent morgan every week.  sigh.

my favorite "real" person on tv right now is duff goldman.  yes, ace of cakes is my FAVE.  best show on the food network.  all my tv secrets are out.  I am a bit of an addict - but now a days, it's an addiction to my pvr so I don't ever have to view another commercial in my LIFE!

okay, we're watching ncis.  then ncis: la.  ll cool j.  double sigh.

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