Friday, September 17, 2010

on the floor

so I rarely buy entire albums as of late - I buy singles, songs I hear on the radio or that I've shazamed off of tv.  but very rarely an entire album with the bonus tracks to boot.  HOWEVER [you knew THAT was coming!], I was super excited for the brandon flowers new release "flamingo".  I had been hearing the song crossfire on the radio for a while and loved it.  and to be honest, I pretty much love most of the stuff that the killers have done, so I pre-ordered the new album that dropped on tuesday.  okay.  I L-O-V-E this album.  all of it.  I've actually  had time in the last couple of days to listen to it back to back and it's one of those albums that are just solid from front to back.  and oddly enough, my favorite track is on the floor which has a bit of an old country twang sound.  not my usual sound, but I'm drawn to it lyrically.  and yes, it's an easy sell for me.  everyone knows I have a serious crush on vegas.  it's not a killers album by any stretch of the imagination - very little of their synth-keys sound, but brandon flowers has a distinctive voice and it's not easy to miss the killers signature sound, if only in his vocals.  I don't review albums often [ever], but I am in love.  and a bit addicted.  will brandon flowers want to be my new boyfriend?  we'll see!

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