Sunday, September 05, 2010

swallow it

so these are the pictures my mom took with her good camera - a little better than the phone!

so I've been working on goal setting this week with my kids at school. I've been explaining to them that it's not just about setting a goal, but outlining the steps to reach their goals. so I'm thinking that I should maybe do the same. I have this uber big goal. I want to lose 10 pounds [well, actually 12, but I am going at this in 10 pound increments]. so really, it's all nice and fancy to talk about it, but I need to be accountable for the steps I'm going to take to get there. so here are my steps:

#1 I am going to move everyday. I bought this little 20 min exercise video "losing it and keeping fit" with valerie bertinelli. I did it tonight and it's a good workout. a lot of squats. a lot of lunges. and abs. holy dinah. I like that there's two or three levels on the first level. and there was stuff I couldn't do tonight. this gives me hope! I want to do this vid at least 5 times a week, then on wednesdays, when I am picking ty up after music, I'll do a good old-fashioned run on the treadmill at my mom & dad's.

#2 I am going to cut out refined sugar. it's killing me to even type it. no m&m's until these 10lbs are gone [then maybe I'll have a wee bit of a celebration!!]. no lovely treats from starbucks. no added sugar. no baking [unless it's of the healthy, pumpkin muffin variety - low sugar, vegan, high flavour]. no cake. no white bread [this is easy, I detest the stuff!]. I have a pretty big sugar addiction, and it's not a good thing.

#3 no alcohol. not ever, just not until these 10lbs are gone. this is my 10lb plan not my "rest of my existence" plan. I need to detox for a lot of reasons, but this is a good excuse to have some clean living for the next 5 weeks or so.

I am going to continue following the weight watchers plan, as I've been doing, but just kick it up a notch with these three things. in 5 weeks, I'll be in Seattle. I have every intention of getting my tattoo when I'm there. a tattoo that I will only get if I reach this goal. that and I'd like to fit back into the size 14 jeans that are in my closet. sheesh. tomorrow morning, I'm going to weigh in and take some measurements [because let's be honest, it's not all about the number on the scale. size 14 jeans will fit if the waist & hips are a couple of inches smaller!]. so, there's the big goal. right now, it seems insurmountable, but I know that if I follow my plan, the goal will be accomplished. I just need to remember how good it feels to be down to 190. oh, that's right, I've never been there!!! that's how good it'll feel!

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