Tuesday, September 28, 2010

right behind you

I am almost out of brandon flowers song titles.  into the bonus tracks!

had a bit of a food moment today.  for the first time in a really long time, my belly decided to H-A-T-E me.  and dude, I was at school.  total suckage.  anyways, as strange as it sounds, I often get bad belly when I eat too much healthy food.  two days of oatmeal, couscous and steamed veg made for some unhappiness.  the only thing that seems to fix it is gas-x and some junk food.  for real.  so I ate half a cheeseburger and all was well.  so strange.  so, since I am totally over on my points today, I am having THIS for my snack.  LOVE the laughing cow cheese.  two pieces = one point.

and I started on a multi-vitamin today.  hoping to curb some of the general tiredness.  that combined with my new bedtime plan, I am hoping I can get some sleep.  the new plan, you ask?  well, it's a combination of a bedtime schedule and a reward plan.  both boys picked a prize and they are earning points to get it.  they helped establish the plan and I am hoping that will then build some vested interest/buy-in into it.  then we created a bedtime schedule.  nate really helped with it; he is learning to tell time so I'm hoping this will help him with that skill.  so far, so good.  we are 15 minutes behind schedule because I ran to get some groceries right in the middle of snack time - grapes were needed!  but, it's 8:50 and they are both in their beds.  not sleeping.  but not fighting with me.  we'll see.  I needed something to give, so I decided to look at this from a teacher perspective, not a parent perspective.  I have no idea if it will work, but at this point [and since running away from home is not an option] I need to try something.  I'll let you know if it works!

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