Monday, September 20, 2010

welcome to fabulous las vegas

my basement is 80% set up.  FINALLY.  I have a beautiful craft space, a lovely blue floor and I hung christmas lights up everywhere.  and when did it get done?  the night before the first night of club.  yes, I worked my arse off tonight so that I can host club tomorrow night.  I am the queen of procrastination.  on every level.  and although there are many boxes that still need to be unpacked, I got a lot accomplished tonight.  and that feels really good.  AND, I finally found my black shoes - the one pair that had been eluding me!  they were in a box that was under a few more boxes, down in the basement.  I had to clear a big space in my storage because the furnace is being cleaned on friday.  but, I have shoes!  still don't know what exactly we're making for club tomorrow night, but that's okay too.  I have tomorrow to come up with that!!

and did you watch the season premier of house tonight?  why not?  oh, you pvr'ed it?  well I would certainly hope so!  it was darn good.  LOL

I'll post my club projects tomorrow - I do have an idea in my head...

[btw, "club" is my stamp club - I have 8-10 women who come over to my house once a month to make cards!  if you want to come, drop me an email or leave a comment!]

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