Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I came here to get over you

my new favorite day?  wednesdays.  best. day. ever!  I start my day with teaching language arts to both of my classes, then one block of prep.  then lunch with my bestie [it's my no-supervision day!].  then my wednesday afternoons vary between being in the office doing principal kinds of things or working on other kinds of projects.  today, I was finalizing all my read-in week stuff for next week - scheduling, organizing, making a bulletin board!

then on wednesdays I usually pick up ty at my mom's.  tonight, I had some round-abouts and I picked ty up at my sister's after a rousing counseling session [I was on the receiving end, not the giving end!!  lol].  and then I went for a run [at my sister's on her treadmill].  it was good.  really good.

and night #2 of "the plan" went well, considering we didn't walk in the door until almost 8:30.  they were in their beds [the first time!] by 9:00 and asleep by 9:30.  there was a bit of coercing in the midway point, but for the first time in weeks, ty went to sleep in his own bed.  sigh.

so I am officially out of brandon flowers song titles.  tomorrow [or the next time I blog], I will need to start on something new, song wise!

but to end this post, I think I'll share with you my favorite song off this album:  welcome to fabulous las vegas [I know, no surprise!]

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